How To Play

Move your ship using WASD. Aim and fire with the mouse.

There is a button in the bottom right of the main menu to toggle full-screen.

What To Do

Your aim is to kill the aliens, pick up the multipliers and get the highest score you can.

The Blurb

"Globe Trot" was my entry in "Ludum Dare 38". The theme was "A Small World" and I created this "twin-stick shooter" inspired by Geometry Wars 3.

For more information about the game - visit the Ludum Dare Page here:

Globe Trot on

This is the first post-jam version of the game and it can now be played in your browser (where supported). The following changes and improvements have been made since the Jam version:

  • Fixed the camera and ship movement
  • Reduced the number of sounds that are started to fix the "audio problems"
  • Added a restart option on the Game Over screen
  • Ensure the player's score is visible on the Game Over screen
  • Updated the instructions to reflect the new control scheme

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